Frozen Yoghurt Drops

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I have had this idea of frozen yoghurt drops pinned onto my Pinterest account for months and then after seeing it on my Instagram account by Gotskitchen I decided to finally make them for O this morning.

They are really simple to make and taste delicious! They have the taste of ice cream yet are much healthier, and much more exciting than a having a regular yoghurt pot to eat! Perfect for children to snack on, if you don’t eat them all yourself! You can make them using different flavours of yoghurt or you can stick to plain yoghurt.


Yoghurt (we used raspberry, strawberry and vanilla flavoured yoghurt)


Place some parchment paper onto a baking tray
Using a medicine syringe (or ziploc bag with a small hole in the corner) squeeze small drops of yoghurt onto your parchment paper.
Place in tray into the freezer for about an hour.





4 thoughts on “Frozen Yoghurt Drops

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