Lunchbox: Day 20

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Todays ‘lunchbox’ post is actually not in a lunchbox! O had been snacking on and off all morning so when lunchtime rolled around he wasn’t that hungry. I remembered seeing an idea for toddler snacks and lunches on Instagram where you place small amounts of different foods in cupcake tins. It is perfect for younger children who have not long started weaning but were starting to eat more ‘solid’ foods or for those fussy children who struggle to eat anything new or healthy. Putting small amounts of both favourite foods and ‘new’ foods into cupcake tins is less visually daunting for a fussy eater than giving them a plate full of food that they aren’t too fond of!

Day 20:

Raisins and Marshmallows
Mini Jam Tart
Cucumbers slices
Cookie Crisp Cereal


Heart shaped silicone cupcake/mould tray, from Daiso at Souk Salmiya


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