Valentine’s Jelly Sensory Bin

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Last night I made some red strawberry jelly and popped it into the fridge to set ready for an idea that I had for some messy play this morning. I decided to make another Valentine’s Day sensory box for O, seen as the last one is still a big hit! I wanted this box to be slightly messier and much more fun for O though!

Whilst O was tidying up a few of his toys this morning I poured the red jelly that had set overnight into a clear box and then added a few valentine’s inspired objects such as heart shaped cookie and play dough cutters and a few materials to scoop and pour the jelly into. I laid a towel down on the floor in his bedroom and popped the box down on top ready for O to find and explore.

O loved this activity so much, and it is probably the activity he has spent the most time playing in a long time. He sat and played with the jelly sensory box for over an hour! This is a LONG time for my very active 2.5 year old! He loved using the spoon to pour the wobbly jelly into the silicone cupcake holders as well as hiding the different heart cutters underneath his bowl whilst saying ‘where has the heart gone?!’. Very cute! It was really good hand-eye coordination practice especially with the jelly being so wobbly! We then got really messy and dug our hands into the jelly and were swishing it up and down the box and lifting it up in the air, and watching it drop back down! Lots of messy fun! O’s favourite kind of play!

What you need:

Jelly (we used 2 packets of the Foster Clarkes) – make the jelly and leave to set in the fridge overnight or a good few hours before you intend of using it
A box
Valentine’s objects – heart cutters, heart silicone cupcake holders, pink and red objects
Materials/objects to scoop/pour – bowls, spoons, silicone cupcake holders etc



*Be warned hands will be red for a few hours afterwards…..maybe legs and stomach too if you are my son!


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