Colour Sorting Objects Game

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coloursortobjectsWe have been working on colours for a few months now and O is great at recognising some colours but others he can get a little confused about. So I decided to make this colour sorting game for him to play last week. I used the colours red, green, yellow and blue and collected objects of those colours for O to match up to the correct coloured circle. I used empty yoghurt pots, ice lolly sticks, feathers, bottle tops, ribbon, pom poms, cookie cutters and coloured stickers in our bowl of objects.

This activity only takes a few minutes to set up and is easy to dip in and out when your child may feel like. O has really enjoyed playing it and gets it out to play most days and he is finally starting to remember the colour red, as this is the colour that he usually gets mixed up with. You can use so many different objects for this game such as coloured pasta shells, lego pieces, shape sorting pieces, cookie cutters, bottle top lids, yoghurt pots, ribbon, yarn, pom poms, beads, coloured rocks/stones, pen lids etc


Different coloured card




Different coloured objects (same colours as your card)

What to do:

  • Drew a large circle on your pieces of card and cut them out.
  • In a bowl collect objects from around the house to match the colours you have used for your coloured circles.
  • Explain to your child that you are going to match the objects up to the coloured circles by placing the objects on the matching circle. Whilst playing remember to reinforce the names of the different colours.

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