Homemade Bath Paints

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bath paintWith M being quite fussy lately with her teeth, O’s baths haven’t been as fun as they usually are, they have mostly been a quick in and out job. He loves bath time and I really wanted to make bath time fun again for him so a few nights ago whilst he was having a play with Daddy I made some paints for him to use whilst he was having a bath that night.

The paints were really simple to make and its something I think we will do weekly from now on, especially after seeing O’s face light up when I showed him that we were going to paint the bathroom! He thought it was hilarious! He was telling me that he was painting some flowers and they really did look beautiful! He painted the sides of the bath from one end to the other and then began on the wall around the bath. The ‘paint’ shows up really nicely on the bath and with it looking so pretty O just had to dig his hands in and started doing some finger painting also. It was lots of fun and although the bathroom looked a right mess at the end of his bath time, the paint actually cleared up really easily – which made me even happier! Definitely one to try!


Shaving Cream

Food Colouring

What to do:

Squirt some shaving cream into a bowl (we used a cake tin so we could have different coloured paints) and add a drop of food colouring. Using a paintbrush or spoon mix the food colouring into the shaving cream until it is fully mixed.

Have some fun painting the bath tub and bathroom walls!


*Bath water will become dyed however I found the shaving cream paints really easy to clean off – I literally just showered the paint/shaving cream off the bath tub and then cleaned the bathroom properly as I usually do the next morning. No stains and it was actually less mess than I thought it would be!


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