Coloured Corn Sensory Box

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coloured cornOver the past few days I have been dying popcorn kernels for a sensory box for O after seeing the idea on Fun A Day. We only had one bag on popcorn kernels in and were also out of red food colouring so I made the blue and yellow coloured popcorn kernels a few nights ago and waited to see if they turned out okay before buying more popcorn kernels. I was really pleased with the result of them – the colours were so bright and vibrant. So yesterday I bought another packet of kernels and dyed them red and green before leaving them to dry overnight ready to make the sensory box today.

The method for dying the popcorn kernels was really easy and it has made such a colourful sensory box for O. I organised the kernels into coloured sections ready for O to enjoy mixing them all together. I set the box out on a towel in our living room to avoid to popcorn kernels flying across our tiled floors. I also put out some funnels, spoons, bowls, silicone cupcake cases and some cookie/play dough cutters. O woke up from his nap and was so excited when he saw the colourful box and dived straight in mixing the kernels together and scooping and pouring the popcorn kernels into the bowls and silicone cases. It has definitely been one of the most fun sensory boxes for him.

It is a great activity for him to practice scooping and pouring as well as practising his colours of course!

To dye popcorn kernels:

Fun A Day’s instructions to dye the popcorn kernels are different to the way we coloured ours. I just tried our normal method that we use to dye rice or pasta.

  • Add desired amount of popcorn kernels into a ziploc bag.
  • Add food colouring of your choice (we did use quite a bit for the amount of kernels we had – probably around 15 drops or so)
  • Add some rubbing alcohol – we always use hand sanitizer for this part and we added a couple of squirts into each ziploc bag.

*These popcorn kernels should last a good few months – we plan on using ours in this sensory box for the couple of weeks then we’ll use some of the kernels for crafts and loose parts for play dough before using some again for a sensory box in a few weeks time.

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