Rawda Park (Jamal Abdul Nasser Park)

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raw4As you know, we love finding new parks in Kuwait and we were very excited when we pulled up in the car park at Jamal Abdul Nasser Park in Rawda a couple of days ago. This park looked massive and looked like it had lots of open space for the little man to run around. As we pulled up Oscar could already see the grass and was desperate to get out the car to begin exploring! He definitely didn’t leave disappointed!

The park itself is really big, one of the biggest we have been to in Kuwait. It has big open spaces with lots of green grass and trees and lots of playground equipment dotted around. The main playground is a really clean,  bright blue structure that has slides, swings, seesaws and a climbing frame. It is one of the safest and cleanest playground equipment I have seen in Kuwait. Also around the outsides of the park there are lots of different slides that were of a wooden and metal theme. They were older than the other blue play equipment but in fairly good condition – a few holes in some of the equipment and rubbish on the floor but nicer than some other parks I have seen!

My favourite bit of the park was the sandy area up near the McDonalds, which is actually the McDonald’s Play Area. It made me feel like I was on holiday! I don’t know if that was the gorgeous sunny weather mixed with the sand or whether it was the unusual red wooden climbing frames. This area was more geared for slightly older children with it being mostly higher up climbing frame equipment with a few slides but Oscar really had a go at climbing some of them, with a bit of help! It was in really good condition, apart from the see-saw that was definitely a no-go in terms of safety! There was a big wooden pit that must of been used for a sandpit at some point but there wasn’t much sand left in it when we visited! The McDonalds Play Area rules actually say that children should take their shoes off to play in this area, but they really need to keep the area clean and free of rubbish if they want people to follow the rules!

Also at the park are a football pitch, a smaller play area for younger children (perfect for those who may have only started walking recently) and of course the McDonalds. The McDonalds looks fairly modern and new and has lots of outdoor seating in the sun and the shade. Perfect after a long play in the park!

A positive visit to this park – really big with lots space for running and exploring, plenty of grass for picnics and a variety of colourful and fairly safe play equipment. Great having a McDonalds on site if you are hungry or thirsty, its just a shame about the bits of rubbish on the floor and the fact that the toilets seemed to be having some work done to them and could not be used.

We visited late morning and there were a couple of other families with small children there but otherwise it was really quiet, even the McDonald’s wasn’t too busy! Happy days!

Location: Jamal Abdul Nasser Park in Rawda Block 5. Click here for a map.

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3 thoughts on “Rawda Park (Jamal Abdul Nasser Park)

    • It is really lovely! 🙂 Just love this time of year, just before it gets too hot! 🙂 Its about 25 degrees in the daytime the past week or so. Hows it in Dubai at the moment?

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