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sv1A couple of weeks ago a brand new supermarket opened in Kuwai called Saveco and we decided to take a trip there this weekend. We usually do our food shopping at Lulu Hypermarket as they have a good selection of imported British products that we like, however according to Saveco’s Instagram account they also had lots of imported products too, so we decided to do our weekly food shopping there instead for this week.

Saveco is really easy to find, located on the 4th Ring Road in the middle of the Garden Nurseries and Lulu Hypermarket. They have parking available at the front of the supermarket and at the back. The car park was pretty much empty so we managed to get a space right near the entrance. From the outside, Saveco looks great – modern, clean and plenty of shopping trollies available. As we entered I was still impressed; the shop is bright, spacious, modern looking and very clean. The staff on the checkouts were really friendly when we entered all politely greeting us. The supermarket itself actually reminds me of the Waitrose in Dubai Mall – its so different to the regular supermarkets in Kuwait!

We visited early Friday morning and practically had the place to ourselves, it was lovely – so relaxing!! The fruit and vegetable section really caught my eye – I love the baskets that they use to put the fruit and vegetables in and I love the facts and benefits about the different food they have displayed. The fruit and vegetables are reasonably priced – some slightly cheaper than other supermarkets. They also have lots of different food outlets and food services around the supermarket – Diet Care, La Patisserie, The Juicer, Mud Pie and Hala Cafe and they also have a play area for children upstairs, along with a Gaming Section. We carried on exploring the supermarket as we were going down our list picking up our ingredients and products but seemed to fall short on a few things. They had no Similac milk that our daughter drinks, no bread (other than from the bakery) and no chicken!! We ended up having to go elsewhere to get half of the products on our shopping list!

I was expecting more imported goods to be available at Saveco. They do have a few products that I haven’t seen in Kuwait before, but I was kind of expecting more! It’s fantastic if you buy organic or gluten-free products as those sections have lots of products but for regular imported goods from the UK, US, Europe etc I would still say that Lulu Hypermarket has the best selection. It’s a bit of a shame really, as I absolutely love the layout and decor of Saveco, the staff are really friendly and smart and the supermarket just looks really nice but I don’t want to have to go to another supermarket after visiting there to buy necesities for us – bread, Similac milk and chicken! Maybe it is because it has only recently opened and stock its still being sorted out…I don’t know. I would revisit in a couple of months and see if their selections have gotten better but for the time being I will be sticking with Lulu Hypermarket.


  • Friendly, smart staff who are available to help if needed but also give you space to shop.
  • Good selection of organic products.
  • Wide and spacious aisles
  • Extremely clean and modern
  • Good selection of beauty products and cleaning products
  • A good amount of new imported things that I hadn’t seen in Kuwait before – Organic Peter Rabbit Baby Food Pouches, Weight Watchers Hot Chocolate Jars, Bart Spices etc
  • Fruit and Vegetable Section looks much nicer than regular supermarkets in Kuwait


  • Small selection of formula milk for babies (no Similac)
  • Small selection of Bread products
  • No chicken was available when we visited
  • Not much variety in the cereal section (lots of space but the same cereal was repeated and there wasn’t many imported types of cereal)

Location: Saveco, Al-Rai, 4th Ring Road (near Garden Nurseries and Lulu Hypermarket)

Contact number: 22287700

Opening Times: 8am-11pm (8.30am on Fridays)

Website: (however website still says coming soon)

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