Homemade Household Objects Jigsaw

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household jigsawI have been so behind on posting these past few weeks but I am determined to get back up and running again! Having two young children has meant doing lots of activities at home that I want to share with you but never any time to write a post! Providing little Miss M stays asleep at night this week then I plan on getting myself back up to date as I have a backlog of posts that need writing and publishing!

And with that said, she woke up….again!!

Anyway, a few weeks back I made this really fun and simple jigsaw for Oscar to play with. I had the big piece of card left over from a selection I bought at Office Depot’s closing down (I think?!) sale and they were only 50 fils a sheet! Whilst O was tidying up his toys I picked up a box that we often use for sensory play and quickly went around the apartment picking different household objects that were safe for Oscar to play with but I also tried to pick objects that were very different in shape to one another. I then used a sharpie to quickly draw around each object and then set the card and the box of objects out on the floor in O’s bedroom ready for him to discover.

Sure enough, whilst popping the last of his toys away in his bedroom he noticed his activity and dove straight in. First he enjoyed picking out the different household objects and naming them before then starting to match them up on the piece of card. O has always been a massive fan of jigsaws since he was a lot younger so this activity was perfect for him, but also much more exciting as they were real-life objects that we use on a daily basis! He also wanted to extend the activity by finding some more objects for me to draw around for him on the other side of the card, and then he had a go at drawing around a couple of simple objects himself.

This literally took minutes to set-up and he played with it on and off all week. The great thing is, even though you’ll obviously want to put the household objects away after a while or need to use them at some point, you can keep the card somewhere safe and get it out in the future along with the objects, and you could even add a few more objects to your puzzle!



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