Anjafa Beach

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anjafa2We found this lovely little beach just off on Coastal Road in Salwa Block 12 a couple of weekends back. We had planned on finally taking a trip to Khiran Beach down South but the weather was quite dull and it was raining on and off that morning and we didn’t really want to drive for almost an hour with two young children if the weather wasn’t going to be too good there. So, after reading a post about Anjafa Beach on my friend, Jen’s blog Mama Papa Bubba a few weeks ago we decided to take a trip there.

We had just done our food shopping that morning so we took a little picnic of a few snacks and drinks with a blanket and some beach toys for Mr O. The beach itself actually reminded me of a beach that you would find back in the UK – a little bit rocky. I’m not sure if it was the greyish weather we were having or all the rocks but our beach afternoon made me feel like I was back home! We visited around lunchtime and other than a man walking his dog and another man jogging we had the little beach to ourselves! Oscar loved exploring one end of the beach to the other as well as climbing on all the rocks and of course, paddling! The sea was actually quite cold but that didn’t bother Oscar. He loved splashing in ‘muddy puddles’ as he calls them, just like Peppa Pig!

After exploring with Daddy for a while we all sat down near the sea to have a snack whilst watching the waves roll in. Mr O didn’t sit down for long before he decided he wanted to get out his beach toys and make sandcastles and collect some shells and rocks.

With it being quite rocky, it wouldn’t really a beach I would spend all day at, but nice enough for little ones to explore, write in the sand, build some sandcastles and of course have a paddle in the sea!


Where: Anjafa Beach, Al-Ta’awen Street, Salwa Block 12. Click here for a map.



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