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mirrorlakeWe recently had the great opportunity to try out a brand new company’s service in Kuwait; Mirror Lake Laundry. Mirror Lake is a wash and fold service. They will pick up your laundry (from your home), wash it, fold it, wrap it and have it delivered back to you within 24 hours.

The story behind Mirror Lake Laundry was explained to me by Mohsen, the founder of the company. ‘I studied abroad at Ohio State for 4 – 5yrs and I will admit I felt homesick from time to time. I felt like I didn’t belong there. That was until I started discovering those little mediterranean shops, cafes, hangouts and small communities. I was an expat there. By the same token, I felt like in Kuwait expats needed to better connect and have more dedicated services. I want to initiate a community, here in Kuwait, through laundry. I got to meet some of the best people in the States at laundromats and buildings’ shared washing machines. I’d like to replicate that in Kuwait. That is when I decided to undertake Mirror Lake Laundry’.

Mirror Lake is different to other laundry places that are in Kuwait as they offer their service as a FLAT RATE and not per item of clothing, like everywhere else. This means that they give you a laundry bag, you stuff it as much as you can without having to worry about extra charges. It is not calculated by piece or weight, just simply per laundry bag. In Kuwait most laundry places will charge 150-250 fils per item of clothing whereas Mirror Lake Laundry charge 5KD a bag for a one time pick up or for a monthly subscription (one pick up per week) for 4KD a bag. Laundry bags are provided by Mirror Lake and you can choose to have whites, colours or towels (or choose all three!). Each laundry bag fits approximately 50 T-shirts in. And the great thing about Mirror Lake Laundry is YOU choose your pick up day and time and they will deliver it the next day at the same time, so within 24 hours!

We tried Mirror Lake’s service out for a month a few weeks ago. I received a really simple form to fill in stating when I would like my pick up, how many bags I wanted as well as our address and contact number. I choose to have 2 laundry bags; one for colours and one for whites and for our laundry to be picked up between 5-7pm on Thursdays and I easily fitted our laundry for the entire week as well as 3 sets of bedding into the laundry bags that Mirror Lake provided. Every single Thursday our laundry was picked up right on 5pm. Yes! Something on time in Kuwait! And our laundry was dropped off every Friday at exactly 5pm. The laundry was washed really well every week and smelt lovely (and I am quite fussy when it comes to certain washing powders!). The clothes had all been folded up so nicely that I felt like I was receiving brand new clothes from the store each week, as well as it feeling like a gift as everything was wrapped up! Also, a couple of kid’s clothes had a few stains on them that they couldn’t remove so they even sent them to be specially cleaned  for us! The founder, Mohsen who picked and dropped off our laundry is extremely friendly and made a great effort with Oscar and Millie.

I highly recommend anyone who is looking to make life easier or those people who are paying a fortune in dry cleaning bills to try Mirror Lake Laundry out! They are cheaper than other laundry places, their service is always on time and is friendly and efficient.

Cost: 5KD a bag for a one time pick up or 4KD a bag for a monthly subscription (one pick up per week)


Contact Number: 96998182

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