Review: Society at Levels

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soc1A few weeks ago for my birthday we visited a lovely new restaurant called Society down in Mahboula. Society is a British/European themed restaurant that is located in the new Levels complex. We live up towards the city so we don’t tend to drive down South very often, other than for the odd playdate, the last time we were down South was probably last summer when we visited Oz Land. So, we were hoping for a good experience at Society before we visited, especially as it came recommended by my husband’s work colleague too.

We visited Society around 5.30pm on a weekday evening and it was really quiet, just us and another small family. They also seemed to be holding interviews with a couple of people on another table too. The decor is really modern and stylish – all red, black and white with lots of UK themed decorations like cushions, ornaments, pictures and books. They also have an outside area that is shared with a few of the other restaurants at Levels too which would be lovely during the cooler months.

The staff were really friendly and helpful but also gave us space to look at the menu and decide what we were having in our own time. The menu included traditional British meals like Sausage and Mash, Fish and Chips, Steak Pie and Cornish Pasties. We went for the Sausage and Mash and Fish and Chips. Sadly, at the time they didn’t seem to have a children’s menu, not sure if that has changed since then or not, but we ended up getting Oscar a plate of fries along with sharing our meals with him. We also ordered a couple of Diet Coke’s with our meal, but were quite disappointed to find that they were no free refills unlike a lot of places in Kuwait are these days!

Our food was served really beautifully and it was nice receiving a meal that was more quality than quantity. I have got so used to the American style restaurants like TGI Fridays and Chilli’s just piling the food on that I think I have forgotten what it was like to receive a meal that was plated up nicely! The food itself tasted delicious – absolutely no complaints! We relaxed after our meal for a bit and then I had to change Millie’s nappy however there were no baby changing facilities and I had to change her on the floor of the ladies toilet which wasn’t the best!

On the way back from the bathroom I noticed the massive selection of cakes and desserts on display and I thought as it was my birthday, I just had to try one! The hard part was deciding which one! In the end I went for the Lemon Tart, as its not something you usually see available on menus in Kuwait and my husband decided on Profiteroles. Both desserts again were presented beautifully and they tasted divine! I would revisit Society just for dessert!

Overall, delicious, well presented food but a bit disappointing regarding the soda drinks as it really pulls up the bill if you have a few drinks! I would probably visit Society again, maybe for breakfast after seeing Expat and the City’s blog post about the breakfast at Society and I have also just noticed on Society’s Instagram account (societykwt) they have started doing Roast Dinners on Saturdays 11am-7pm…I would travel down South for a Roast Dinner for sure!

Pros: A taste of home for UK expats, huge dessert selection, which is also delicious and modern decor.

Cons: No children’s menu, no baby changing facilities and no free refills on soda drinks

Location: Society at Levels, Mahboula Coastal Road (Salem Al Sabah Road). Click here for a map.

Opening Hours: 9am-11.30pm

Contact: You can find Society on Instagram @societykwt or you can call them on 22399322

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