Homemade Quicksand

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quicksand1After receiving my weekly email from Growing a Jeweled Rose (one of my favourite blogs for kids and baby activities!) I just knew I had to try making this quicksand for Oscar, especially as he recently received a sand and water table with the play sand required for this recipe for his birthday.

I was a bit concerned before starting this recipe as it seemed too cool! I thought it would be a disaster and not turn out for us, but I was wrong! On Growing a Jeweled Rose, she used tempura paint in her recipe and it became a play dough like mixture whereas we used our normal Early Learning Centre paint and it was more pastry like, but once we added our water and brought the mixture together, it was exactly as she described – when being played with it is play dough like but if it is left then it melts just like quicksand! I highly recommend trying this recipe out – Oscar played for over an hour with ours! First he was content exploring the mixture – moulding it into balls and watching it melt away and then he brought his toy animals in to play and was trying to rescue them from sinking….along with his Early Learning Centre Happyland people!

What you need:

1 cup play sand

1 cup corn starch

washable paint (we used yellow)


How to make it:

  • Mix the play sand and corn starch in a bowl.
  • Slowly add the paint (we added it for colour, as our texture didn’t change THAT much no matter how much paint we added, however on Growing a Jeweled Rose she states to add the paint until you reach the desired consistancy – like play dough)
  • Add a little water at each time and bring the mixture together (on Growing a Jeweled Rose, she only wet her hands and her mixture was ready however we needed more water to bring our mixture together – I think it may have been the type of paint we used)
  • When the dough is played with it is mouldable and play dough like however when your hands are still or the mixture is left alone, it melts just like quicksand! Pick it up again, and you have a mouldable dough! Lots of fun!!

qui3 quick2


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