Mango Lassi for Babies

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mangolassiI first made Millie this simple Mango Lassi not long after we got back from our holiday in Sri Lanka. I had often seen them on the menus in the restaurants and Millie had tried a tiny bit of my father-in-laws and seemed to like it so I thought I would make her a simple one of her own once we got back to Kuwait. It has become one of her favourite breakfasts over the past few weeks and she has it at least once a week for breakfast. I plan on trying a few different fruit combinations over the next few weeks too to see if she is a fan of those too!

This recipe takes 2 minutes to make and is a great, fresh and healthy start to the day. I have said it is a mango lassi for babies, but it can also be eaten by toddlers, older children and adults too.

No mangos? Try strawberries, payaya, melon, raspberries, pineapple….the possibilities are endless!


1 ripe mango

5 tbsp natural yoghurt


  • Peel and cut the flesh from the mango.
  • Add the mango and the natural yoghurt to a blender and blend until smooth.
  • Serve.

How quick and simple it that?! Our recipe makes 2 portions which should be ok in the fridge for up to 24 hours.


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