Lunchbox: Day 92

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lu1This is going to be our last lunchbox post for a couple of months as in a few days we are travelling back to the UK to enjoy our summer holiday. There will probably be a few lunchbox style meals Oscar will eat but we will probably eat out a lot as well. If you follow us on Instagram then you can keep up with any lunch options Oscar has over the next couple of months (it won’t be every day posts but anything interesting or different). And then we will start our lunchbox posts again in late August. Oscar will also be starting school in September, so the lunches I make for him are going to have to be more ‘school-friendly’ as in lasting long enough in his school bag before he has break time and also filter in the schools rules about food – no nut based products etc.

Day 92:

Capri Sun Mixed Fruit Juice

Water (not pictured)


Pita/Arabic Bread

Cheese Twists

Peanut Butter and Banana Muffin (recipe from Crumbs & Chaos)

Green Apple Slices


Blue Bento Lunchbox, from Pottery Barn Kids at the Avenues

Clear Pot, from Mothercare at the Avenues

Pink Silicone Cupcake Cases, from City Star


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