UK Summer: Week One

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Just over a week ago we started our journey back to the UK for the summer holidays. We booked our flights a while back with so have been on countdown for a while now. More so, as Millie has never been to the UK and me and Oscar haven’t been back for 2 years!

We booked our flights with Emirates (my favourite airline due to their 30kg baggage allowance) and we will be back in the UK for 2 months. Our plan is to spend a week in Wales as a family and the rest of the time will be split (equally!) between my hometown, Liverpool and my husbands hometown, Manchester.

Our travelling, after all the worrying and stressing went quite well! We had two flights (Kuwait to Dubai then Dubai to Manchester) and both flights were although long and tiring, we’re not stressful at all! I was worried about having to carry Millie through Dubai airport for 2 hours until we got the next plane but the fantastic Emirates have free prams to use so got a couple to get through the massive airport! Both our flights with Emirates were fantastic; definitely rated as one of my favourite airlines, if not my favourite! After flying with Sri Lankan Airlines in April to Sri Lanka it was nice to have comfortable seats with LOADS of leg room (we had the seats where the bassinets are) and staff who were super friendly this time. The Emirates aircrew really fussed over Oscar and Millie and brought them baby packs (bib, wipes, rattle, spoon etc) and toys and activity packs for Oscar. They are definitely a child-friendly airline. The kids meals for Oscar were great too – not only did he get a delicious Spaghetti Bolognese meal with dessert and a bread roll, he also got a snack pack with crisps, biscuits and yoghurt covered raisins in. Unlike Sri Lankan airline, Emirates provided us with a safe and comfortable bassinet for Millie to sleep in (the bassinet that Sri Lankan airline gave us fell off the wall and the aircrew didn’t fix it or apologise!).

We landed in Manchester on Sunday evening, both flights on time. My husbands parents and brother picked us up from the airport and we headed to their house for a catch up and some food before putting a very tired Oscar Andy Millie to bed many hours after their usual bedtime!
Day 1:
We spent our first day visiting my husbands family. We took Oscar and Millie to visit my husbands nan in her care home. It was a beautiful sunny and warm day so we spent a couple of hours in the garden of the home and Oscar and Millie enjoyed playing on the grass and seeing their Great Nana and Auntie Hazel. We later spent the evening at my husbands Aunties house and Oscar loved playing with his older cousin, Isaac who has made Oscar take an interest (a rather big interest!) in football and Millie enjoyed lots of cuddles with her great auntie Lynn.


Day 2:
Our second day we picked up our car from the car hire, Alamo for the summer and headed up to Liverpool to spend a few days with my parents. We spent a couple of hours playing with the millions of toys my mum and dad had got them both then we headed out to Waterloo for a walk and a bit of shopping. We, of course fed the ducks on the way there too! We then settled back at home to watch the ridiculous England game!


Day 3:

Today we visited my Nan and her husband, John so they could see how much Oscar had. Grown (it had been two years since they last saw him in person) and of course, meet our Millie Moo! It was lovely seeing them and Oscar was on form singing all the songs he knows to them! After our visiting we headed to one of my favourite places, Southport with my parents. We spent the whole day there and didn’t get back until after the. Kids bedtime! We did some shopping, had a ‘pub’ lunch, visited the arcades and played in a big brand new park.


Day 4:

Day four was spent having a check up at the dentists for me, as I had a filling fall out a couple of months ago that has been giving me a lot of grief! Turns out it has decayed quite badly and I need to go back in a few weeks to get it out unfortunately! After the dentists we took Oscar to the park and beach in Crosby whilst my mum enjoyed some time with Millie. Oscar loved having some alone with us and it turns out he is a right daredevil when it comes to exploring the adventure playground and the beach. He also loved seeing the statues of Anthony Gormley’s Another Place at the beach.


Day 5:

Today me and the kids went into Liverpool City Centre with my mum to go shopping, my favourite thing! We took Oscar on his first ever train ride which he loved and carried his train tickets with him all day! We also had a McDonalds lunch, as it is Oscar’s favourite!


Our next week was spent in a cottage in the Peak District with my husbands family. I will write all about our second week in the UK in my next blog post.

I hope you are all having a good summer! What are your plans? Will you be travelling? Staying put? Visiting family? I would love to hear all about it! 🙂


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