UK Summer : Week Two

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Our time back in the UK for our summer holidays is just flying by and I am really struggling to find the time to keep the blog updated with lots of days out, family time and sometimes limited internet! I have finally found some time on a rainy morning to hopefully write all about our second week back in the UK.

Our second week was spent in the Peak District with my husbands parents. We stayed in a lovely little cottage in a village called Tideswell, which is near to Buxton.

Day 1:
Our first day in Tideswell was actually spent in the lovely village that our cottage was in as there was a carnival happening on the day we arrived. And Oscar got to ride a donkey, and he wasn’t scared! We also visited a funfair that had been set up on a field in the village.


Day 2:
For the first couple of days of our holiday, Oscar’s older cousin, Isaac and his parents, Lynn and Phil stayed at the cottage with us, and Oscar loved having someone to play with. We decided to visit a local children’s farm place that allowed us to feed the farm animals and there was also lots of playground equipment for Oscar and Isaac to play on along with a scarecrow to dress and big open fields to play football.


Day 3:

Our third day was spent visiting Matlock Bath but the first half an hour was spent trying to find Oscar some new trousers after he had vomited during the car ride and I had only packed shorts in the nappy bag for him but it really wasn’t shorts weather! After finding some trousers in a local charity shop and cleaning Oscar up we had a look around Matlock Bath and bought Oscar an ice cream (that he kept asking and asking for!). We then took a trip to Bakewell, which was just gorgeous! A lovely little village that I would definitely return to.


Day 4:

Day 4 we visited a little village called Ilam, it was a favourite of my husbands as he had visited when he was younger on a school trip and he was showing us all the places he remembered as well as telling us a few funny stories. Our trip ended with yet another ice cream stop! We then finished our day off by visiting Buxton.


Day 5:

Day five was a trip to Chesterfield. But I have to say I wasn’t a massive fan of the place however we did manage to do a bit of shopping in the local shops. We also had a look at the stalls of the weekly flea markets that happens in the town centre. In the evening we took a little tour of Tideswell and had a delicious ‘British’ pie in the village pub for dinner.


Day 6:

Our final day if our holiday was spent visiting Chatsworth House. We had actually planned on buying tickets to see inside the house, however we thought the prices were rather ridiciuslous! We ended up just buying tickets for the farm area of Chatsworth House and there was more than enough to entertain Oscar and Millie for the whole day. There was a massive woodland playground, lots of farm animals to see and feed and lots of talks about different animals. Oscars favourite bit was the guinea pig area where they could sit e guinea pigs on their lap and stroke them. Even Millie had her own guinea pig to stroke!


We had a great week away with the grandparents and I certainly enjoyed having a couple of extra pair of hands around to help with the kids and I even got to enjoy having a few showers without having to rush to a crying baby or a restless toddler! Our next week was spent in Liverpool, my lovely hometown, which I will write about when I have chance! 🙂 I hope everyone is having a good summer so far!


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