Oscar’s First Day of School

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Today has been a BIG day in our house. Today was Oscar’s first day of school. He has started KG (Kindergarten) at the school his daddy works at.

Up until yesterday I had been feeling completely fine about Oscar starting school. I know he is ready for it and wants other children his own age to play with. I also know that he is going to love all the different things he will be doing throughout each day and week. But yesterday after putting him down for his afternoon nap I suddenly felt SO sad. Like, ridiculously sobbing my heart out sad. I looked at a few of Millie’s things like her chair and activity play bouncer in the living room and all I could picture was Oscar being in them when he was her age. It dawned on me how quickly that time has just zoomed past and from now on he was going to need and want me less and less. That makes me sad.

I pulled myself together in the end and snapped out of it. Oscar being at school (only until just after noon!) means I get quality time with Millie in the mornings and it means lots of fun in the afternoon with Oscar when Millie naps. Now both of them get a less stressed and less busy version of me for a bit of each day! Good quality time. Thats a good thing, a positive thing.

Oscar was fantastic today on his first day. No tears, no sadness. He actually wasn’t fazed by leaving me! Whether thats a good thing or a bad thing I don’t know but I sure felt a lot better today knowing he wasn’t upset or sad when I left him. I could’t relax once me and Millie got home and kept clock watching waiting to pick him and see how his day had been and what he had been up to. Apparently Oscar said he played with toys and made some friends. That’s all I got out of him after much pushing and questioning! But he was happy, he enjoyed himself and is excited to go again tomorrow. That’s all I can wish for.



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