Lunchbox: Day 93

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After a long summer back in the UK and pretty much eating lunch out most days, we are now back in Kuwait and slowly getting ourselves into a new routine. As you may have read on some of the previous posts, Oscar recently started school so the lunch boxes I prepare for him from now on need to not only last a couple of hours in the classroom before he eats it but also need to follow the school’s rules of no nut products (whole nuts or nut spreads), no chocolate and no crisps. The school also doesn’t allow sweets or fizzy drinks. I am also more wary of including enough food to last him until I collect him just after noon instead of him being able to snack a little more before and after his lunch at home.

Day 93:

KDD Cocktail Juice


Arabic Bread

Mini Sausages



Heart Shaped Pretzel Bites

Pain au Chocolat

Kiwi Slices


Blue Bento Lunchbox, from Pottery Barn Kids at the Avenues

Clear Pot with Orange Lid, from Mothercare at the Avenues

Green Silicone Cupcake Cases, from City Star

Green Butterfly Bento Pick, from Home & Bargains


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