The Little Things : Week Two

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I’m a little late posting our ‘The Little Things’ post but better late than never! This week has been a bit crazy again – I am still trying to get Millie into a routine with being up early in the mornings and leaving the apartment to pick Oscar up from school, at a time that she getting ready to nap. She is usually ridiculously overtired by the time we are home from the school pick-up mixed in with Oscar who obviously wants my attention after not seeing me all morning. The days are a bit crazy still with the addition of school prep each evening – clothes, packing the school bag and lunchbox. It’s a shame that the Eid/Half Term holiday is falling in a couple of weeks, as it will probably take us until then to get sorted! But other than that, Oscar is loving school (even if he doesn’t tell me much about his day!) which is making me feel much better about him being there, and although Millie is enjoying having me to herself all morning, she is missing Oscar massively and is always in his room looking for him! Our weekend was a busy day on Friday buying Millie’s birthday presents at the Avenues and quite a lazy Saturday; food shopping and lots of quality family time at home.

So onto our second week of posting ‘The Little Things’ that have made up our week. Don’t forgot to check out the other great bloggers who link up each week on But Why Mummy Why?


I have to admit I am not a big book reader. I buy lots of books but I never actually get round to reading them. I just don’t have the time to sit down with a book, and the odd time I do have free time I would much rather read the latest posts on my favourite blogs, read the news on Daily Mail or more often than not pinning on Pinterest

I have been keeping up with my favourite blogs this week though and a couple of posts I am loving at the moment are;

Leandra from Larabee‘s post on her Ocean Small World Sensory Play that she made for her son, T. I just love sensory play anyway but this ocean tray looks so inviting and fun!

I have also been spending lots of time on one of my favourite kids food blogs; Super Glue Mom. I have noted down a few recipes that I want to make for Oscar’s lunchbox and a few for Millie to try too. But I also really want to make this homemade real strawberry milk for me!


Again this week we have been watching True Blood once Oscar and Millie have gone to bed (we also managed to sneak in an episode during their nap this weekend!). We have just got onto the third series and I have to say I am enjoying more than I was this time last week. A few bits are a bit out there but otherwise I am enjoying it.

Of course I have also been watching X Factor (a day later than everyone in the UK)! I loved Lola Sauders and Jake Quickenden’s auditions and looking forward to seeing their arena performances!










I won’t be posting anything that I wear in this section as I am always the one behind the camera. Plus Oscar and Millie’s clothes are FAR nicer than mine anyway!


This is Oscar just before we headed to the Avenues on Friday. The picture is a bit blurry but I love his cheesy grin on it! His blue shirt is from Tesco (a summer bargain!) and his white shorts are from Mothercare. I do love a pair of white shorts to wear in the summer months (or most of the year here in Kuwait!).


My little Mills is wearing an off white dress from Zara and a floral headband from Next. I picked both of these up over the summer, back in the UK.


Does anybody remember a band called Next of Kin? They had some fame in the UK when they were a lot younger but they also auditioned for last years X Factor. They only made it through to the live arena stages but they have been releasing a few videos on You Tube since then and are trying to make it big again. I love these guys voices and hope they get a break soon!

Their single that they also wrote ‘Cant find Me’ is definitely a favourite of mine. But I also really like their cover’s of Stay with Me and Not a Bad Thing. They are definitely worth a listen!


Our crafty days are quite quiet at the moment whilst I try and get us into some kind of routine but hoping this week or next we will be sorted!

I have made a few snacks for the kids this week though. Our delicious Pretzel Bites were initially made for Oscar to take to school in his lunchbox but Millie was a big fan of them too and enjoyed eating them with a homemade berry yoghurt dip. During one of Millie’s naps one morning I also made some Banana and Raisin Muffins for her to snack on.  I had been looking for simple snacks that could be made quite quickly during nap time and that were snacks that could be eaten on the go for times when we are out. I have found quite a few recipes and will be posting them over the next few weeks.

I also made Millie some Refrigerator Oatmeal with Mashed Banana and Chia Seeds. It was so quick to prepare one evening after the kids had gone to bed and also makes the mornings easier on us!


My hubby also made this delicious Corned Beef Hash last night for us all. I haven’t had Corned Beef Hash in years and oh my goodness this one was divine! He did his own recipe and it had loads of flavour and was so cheesy! Yum!


And lastly…

This week seems like it will be another busy one. I have a curriculum meeting at Oscar’s school tomorrow afternoon which could be fun as Millie is usually cranky around this time, as she is ready for a nap! Also on Thursday it is our beautiful baby girls 1st birthday!! We bought her presents over the weekend and they are ready to be wrapped. I am unsure of what we are going to do on the day as Oscar will be in school in the morning and my husband will be working. Maybe a little tea party? or a family meal out? Looking forward to filling everyone in next week!





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