Lunchbox: Day 96

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96I have to say I have been lacking in lunchbox inspiration as of late. When I used to make Oscar’s lunch boxes before the summer, I had plenty of time to make it and could put anything I liked in it. Now he is at school, with a few foods not being allowed at school, the fact that food needs to keep until he eats it and it being rather stressful preparing his lunch the evening before whilst Millie is getting tired and under my feet! I am also worried about putting enough foods in that he will actually eat as well as some new foods for him to try! But I am determined to get excited about making lunches again! I have pinned lots of great lunchbox and snack recipes on Pinterest and I am excited to make them over the next few weeks!

Day 96:

KDD Cocktail Juice

Laughing Cow Cheese Spread Sandwich

Cheese Stick


Cheese Spring Rolls (bought from food counter at Lulu)

Cocoa Jungle Animal Biscuits

Vanilla Yoghurt



Blue Bento Lunchbox, from Pottery Barn Kids

Blue Silicone Cupcake Cases, from City Star


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