Pasta Sensory Box for Babies

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pas1Now Oscar is at school until just after midday I have started doing some activities at home with Millie in the mornings. Before when Millie has joined in with our activities they have been activities that I have set-up for Oscar that are either baby-safe or have been changed to make them baby safe. Baby-safe in my eyes usually means that the sensory play product that we are playing with is edible. Sometimes that item may not taste very nice, like our homemade baby safe paints (flour, water and food colouring) but they will not cause any harm if a little is digested.

This morning whilst Millie was napping, I set up this ridiculously simple pasta sensory box for her to play with when she woke up. I literally dumped half a bag of pasta shells into our clear storage box and added a few utensils like a spoon, some silicone cupcake cases and some shape sorting blocks. It took me all of 2 minutes to set up. Millie was really excited when she woke up and saw the box on the kitchen floor and dug straight in. She picked a few shells of pasta up and squeezed them with her hands before bringing the shells up to her face to look at them more closely. Of course a few pieces went in her mouth and she had a little chew on them. I sat with her showing her how to ‘mix’ the pasta with her spoon and pick some shells up into the air and drop them again. She thought that was hilarious and was really ‘belly laughing’ at the pasta dropping back into the box. She played for a good 20 minutes before she started exploring the kitchen cupboards (a new skill – opening doors!).

I popped the box into Oscar’s room on the floor ready for when he got home from school, as I just knew he would enjoy mixing the pasta and making some ‘pasta cakes’ using the cupcake cases, and of course little Millie would love sitting there watching him play and joining in with him too!

What you need:

Pasta shells (uncooked)

Box (we used a clear storage box from Ikea)

Spoons, bowls, cupcake cases, cookie cutters etc

pas2 pas3


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