The Little Things: Week Three

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Welcome to week three of ‘The Little Things’ that made up our week, and sorry for it being almost a week late! Last week was quite quiet for us, I feel that we are getting into a routine FINALLY and I even managed to plan our week for this week (food, cooking/baking, activities etc) but over the past couple of days we have all came down with a terrible cold! So I managed to get us all planned for the week and this silly cold has just thrown us off! Sleep patterns and naps are completely messed up, I am feeling really run down and have a sore throat so lack the energy to do some activities or cook any exciting meals! I’m hoping by resting a little and dosing up on vitamins that the cold will hurry up and go! Due to the dreaded cold we had a VERY quiet weekend at home. We had planned on heading down to the Hilton for a swim but with runny noses we thought it would be best to stay home. We watched a few movies and ate some yummy food. Luckily before the cold’s got us, we celebrated our beautiful little Millie’s first birthday on Thursday. I can’t believe a year has passed already, it has gone so much faster than our first year with Oscar. I’m guessing thats because you are so much busier with two children than the one. We had a lovely family tea party, just the four of us. We ordered some food from Ruby Tuesdays (appetiser/starter style food) and put some music on. After asking our lovely followers on Instagram for advice on where to buy Millie’s cake from,  we went with the November Company. It was a hard choice as so many people recommended such amazing places that I was spoilt for choice! I have noted down lots of bakeries and bakers that I like for future birthdays and celebrations. We went with the November Company as it was so simple to order (they had their cakes available online to order or you could ask them to make a design of your choice), they delivered the cake so we didn’t have to pick it up and we could choose the timings that it would be delivered AND also my big pet peeve – we didn’t have to use Whatsapp to enquire about prices for cakes. It was plain to see on the website. I really don’t understand the obsession with Whatsapp in Kuwait. Everything you enquire about seems to need a message on Whatsapp! Argh, rant over! Anyway, Millie had a great birthday. We started the morning before Oscar and Daddy headed to school by opening Millie’s presents and we got a small present for Oscar also. After Oscar went to school I made Millie a special birthday breakfast of chocolate chip pancakes with some banana. We spent the morning playing with her new toys before picking Oscar up from school. Once Oscar and Millie both had a little nap and Daddy was home from work, we ordered our food from Ruby Tuesday’s and set up the table with a princess tablecloth and some party plates, cups and napkins. The kids loved the food and Oscar was dancing away to the music. We then got Millie’s cake ready with the candles and a couple of sparklers and sung ‘Happy Birthday’. The cake was delicious even a fussy Oscar had a big piece and Millie had it smeared in every place possible! The cake lasted for days afterwards in the fridge and still tasted as fresh as it did on her birthday!

Onto ‘the little things’ that made up our week. This great linky is hosted by the lovely Morgana at But Why Mummy Why and don’t forget to check out the other amazing blogs that link up each week!


Again this week, no books from me i’m afraid! I keep meaning to start Girls of Riyadh but just not had the chance to get into yet. Maybe over the Eid holiday break? I have been keeping up with my favourite blogs (probably too much as I have let my own slip this week whilst we have been ill!) but there have been a few posts that I have loved!

I really enjoyed reading Kerry from Oh So Amelia‘s post on her second baby’s nursery progress. I have been reading Kerry’s blog for quite a few months and love her Instagram photos of the beautiful Amelia, and of course Amelia’s amazing wardrobe collection!!

I also could totally relate to the lovely Becky from 3 Princesses and 1 Dude about her gorgeous Jenson’s first day of preschool as it was exactly how I was feeling a few weeks ago when Oscar started KG. I found myself filling up for her and was hoping that Jenson would have a great day and that Becky would survive the day with her sidekick!


Again I have been watching X Factor (usually of a Sunday and Monday morning – a day later than the UK!) with Millie whilst eating our breakfast. I am looking forward to the exciting ‘judges seats’ stage next week!

Oscar’s current obsession this week is watching Coraline when he gets home from school. He usually falls asleep on the couch not long after it starts but its the first thing he asks for when we get in the taxi from school. Although he has picked up a bad saying from it; ‘zip it!’ so this week it has been ‘Finding Nemo’ or ‘The Lego Movie’ after school instead!



Of course for Millie’s birthday she just had to have a birthday dress! I actually had two dresses in mind for her birthday – one for the daytime and one for her ‘party’ in the evening – I know, I know she is only 1!

This white dress with netting detail is from Next and I picked it up back in the UK over the summer.


This beautiful turquoise tutu style dress with a white floral bib top was from Bella Bootique. I ordered this months ago in the hope that Millie would fit in it for her first birthday and she did, yay! If you have a little girl, you should definitely check Bella Bootique’s stuff out – so many beautiful dresses and there are often offers or sales on different items too 🙂


















We’ve not listened to much music this week i’m afraid, other than the usual Michael Buble in the car. One of my Christmas presents last year from my husband was Michael’s latest album, To Be Loved and I just love ‘It’s a Beautiful Day‘ and of course ‘To Love Somebody‘. 


Again, another quiet week with us making stuff; even our evening dinner’s were rather boring too! I did make a super easy Mac and Cheese for Oscar’s lunchbox last week which was delicious and Millie and I had the leftovers the next day for lunch. I also made a Baby Bath Station for Oscar and Millie to play with, which was a huge success!



I’m desperately trying to shift this silly cold and feel back to normal. I’m not good with colds. I hate not being able to do the things I have planned and I am no good at relaxing or resting! I like to be on the go! The first couple of days I tried to rest and relax, and we even went to bed at 7.30pm the other night but today I am trying to push myself a little and have made a batch of our banana pancakes for Millie and have planned a few activities for next week. I can see me collapsing on the couch by the time my husband is home! What are your cold/flu remedies? I am desperate to feel semi normal by the time the weekend rolls around!







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