Review: Society at Levels

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soc1A few weeks ago for my birthday we visited a lovely new restaurant called Society down in Mahboula. Society is a British/European themed restaurant that is located in the new Levels complex. We live up towards the city so we don’t tend to drive down South very often, other than for the odd playdate, the last time we were down South was probably last summer when we visited Oz Land. So, we were hoping for a good experience at Society before we visited, especially as it came recommended by my husband’s work colleague too.

We visited Society around 5.30pm on a weekday evening and it was really quiet, just us and another small family. They also seemed to be holding interviews with a couple of people on another table too. The decor is really modern and stylish – all red, black and white with lots of UK themed decorations like cushions, ornaments, pictures and books. They also have an outside area that is shared with a few of the other restaurants at Levels too which would be lovely during the cooler months.

The staff were really friendly and helpful but also gave us space to look at the menu and decide what we were having in our own time. The menu included traditional British meals like Sausage and Mash, Fish and Chips, Steak Pie and Cornish Pasties. We went for the Sausage and Mash and Fish and Chips. Sadly, at the time they didn’t seem to have a children’s menu, not sure if that has changed since then or not, but we ended up getting Oscar a plate of fries along with sharing our meals with him. We also ordered a couple of Diet Coke’s with our meal, but were quite disappointed to find that they were no free refills unlike a lot of places in Kuwait are these days!

Our food was served really beautifully and it was nice receiving a meal that was more quality than quantity. I have got so used to the American style restaurants like TGI Fridays and Chilli’s just piling the food on that I think I have forgotten what it was like to receive a meal that was plated up nicely! The food itself tasted delicious – absolutely no complaints! We relaxed after our meal for a bit and then I had to change Millie’s nappy however there were no baby changing facilities and I had to change her on the floor of the ladies toilet which wasn’t the best!

On the way back from the bathroom I noticed the massive selection of cakes and desserts on display and I thought as it was my birthday, I just had to try one! The hard part was deciding which one! In the end I went for the Lemon Tart, as its not something you usually see available on menus in Kuwait and my husband decided on Profiteroles. Both desserts again were presented beautifully and they tasted divine! I would revisit Society just for dessert!

Overall, delicious, well presented food but a bit disappointing regarding the soda drinks as it really pulls up the bill if you have a few drinks! I would probably visit Society again, maybe for breakfast after seeing Expat and the City’s blog post about the breakfast at Society and I have also just noticed on Society’s Instagram account (societykwt) they have started doing Roast Dinners on Saturdays 11am-7pm…I would travel down South for a Roast Dinner for sure!

Pros: A taste of home for UK expats, huge dessert selection, which is also delicious and modern decor.

Cons: No children’s menu, no baby changing facilities and no free refills on soda drinks

Location: Society at Levels, Mahboula Coastal Road (Salem Al Sabah Road). Click here for a map.

Opening Hours: 9am-11.30pm

Contact: You can find Society on Instagram @societykwt or you can call them on 22399322

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Anjafa Beach

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anjafa2We found this lovely little beach just off on Coastal Road in Salwa Block 12 a couple of weekends back. We had planned on finally taking a trip to Khiran Beach down South but the weather was quite dull and it was raining on and off that morning and we didn’t really want to drive for almost an hour with two young children if the weather wasn’t going to be too good there. So, after reading a post about Anjafa Beach on my friend, Jen’s blog Mama Papa Bubba a few weeks ago we decided to take a trip there.

We had just done our food shopping that morning so we took a little picnic of a few snacks and drinks with a blanket and some beach toys for Mr O. The beach itself actually reminded me of a beach that you would find back in the UK – a little bit rocky. I’m not sure if it was the greyish weather we were having or all the rocks but our beach afternoon made me feel like I was back home! We visited around lunchtime and other than a man walking his dog and another man jogging we had the little beach to ourselves! Oscar loved exploring one end of the beach to the other as well as climbing on all the rocks and of course, paddling! The sea was actually quite cold but that didn’t bother Oscar. He loved splashing in ‘muddy puddles’ as he calls them, just like Peppa Pig!

After exploring with Daddy for a while we all sat down near the sea to have a snack whilst watching the waves roll in. Mr O didn’t sit down for long before he decided he wanted to get out his beach toys and make sandcastles and collect some shells and rocks.

With it being quite rocky, it wouldn’t really a beach I would spend all day at, but nice enough for little ones to explore, write in the sand, build some sandcastles and of course have a paddle in the sea!


Where: Anjafa Beach, Al-Ta’awen Street, Salwa Block 12. Click here for a map.


Rawda Park (Jamal Abdul Nasser Park)

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raw4As you know, we love finding new parks in Kuwait and we were very excited when we pulled up in the car park at Jamal Abdul Nasser Park in Rawda a couple of days ago. This park looked massive and looked like it had lots of open space for the little man to run around. As we pulled up Oscar could already see the grass and was desperate to get out the car to begin exploring! He definitely didn’t leave disappointed!

The park itself is really big, one of the biggest we have been to in Kuwait. It has big open spaces with lots of green grass and trees and lots of playground equipment dotted around. The main playground is a really clean,  bright blue structure that has slides, swings, seesaws and a climbing frame. It is one of the safest and cleanest playground equipment I have seen in Kuwait. Also around the outsides of the park there are lots of different slides that were of a wooden and metal theme. They were older than the other blue play equipment but in fairly good condition – a few holes in some of the equipment and rubbish on the floor but nicer than some other parks I have seen!

My favourite bit of the park was the sandy area up near the McDonalds, which is actually the McDonald’s Play Area. It made me feel like I was on holiday! I don’t know if that was the gorgeous sunny weather mixed with the sand or whether it was the unusual red wooden climbing frames. This area was more geared for slightly older children with it being mostly higher up climbing frame equipment with a few slides but Oscar really had a go at climbing some of them, with a bit of help! It was in really good condition, apart from the see-saw that was definitely a no-go in terms of safety! There was a big wooden pit that must of been used for a sandpit at some point but there wasn’t much sand left in it when we visited! The McDonalds Play Area rules actually say that children should take their shoes off to play in this area, but they really need to keep the area clean and free of rubbish if they want people to follow the rules!

Also at the park are a football pitch, a smaller play area for younger children (perfect for those who may have only started walking recently) and of course the McDonalds. The McDonalds looks fairly modern and new and has lots of outdoor seating in the sun and the shade. Perfect after a long play in the park!

A positive visit to this park – really big with lots space for running and exploring, plenty of grass for picnics and a variety of colourful and fairly safe play equipment. Great having a McDonalds on site if you are hungry or thirsty, its just a shame about the bits of rubbish on the floor and the fact that the toilets seemed to be having some work done to them and could not be used.

We visited late morning and there were a couple of other families with small children there but otherwise it was really quiet, even the McDonald’s wasn’t too busy! Happy days!

Location: Jamal Abdul Nasser Park in Rawda Block 5. Click here for a map.

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Rumaithiya Park

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rum1On Friday we found another beautiful park thanks to Kuwait Mom’s Guide – Rumaithiya Park. This park has gone to the top of my list of parks in Kuwait. It was well maintained and clean, the grass was actually green and there was lots of it and the playground area was safe, colourful and age-appropriate. The park itself is really easy to find, it is located just off the main road in Block 6.

The park has masses of lovely well-kept grass – perfect for picnics, bike rides and for children to have a run around. We had planned on eating out at Movenpick afterwards but if we had known how lovely this park was we would of taken a picnic with us. There is also a large football pitch, a water fountain and a pathway for mums and dads to stroll around or for children to ride bikes on. The playground area has a climbing structure, slides and swings that are all in good condition. The park itself is surrounded by trees and when we visited there was even a security guard/park keeper on the gates to the park, so it felt really safe for O to run around.

We visited around lunchtime and the playground was surprisingly quite busy – I don’t think I have ever been to a park in Kuwait that had more than one other child at! It was really nice as O found a few children to play and run around with and there was still plenty of things for all the children to go on without having to wait around.

This park along with Yarmouk Recycled Park has gone top of the list of my favourite parks in Kuwait. With it being easy to find and not too far from our apartment I think visiting this park may become a regular thing on the weekends for us.

Location: Rumaithiya, Block 6. Click here for a map. (map is of Rumaithiya Block 6, the park is green area on the map)

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Plantastic at the Scientific Center

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pl3Discovery Place at the Scientific is a favourite of ours and we regularly visit there or the aquarium at the Scientific Center. We loved the Robot Zoo at Discovery Place and were very excited to hear that the exhibition had recently changed to Plantastic and we just had to visit! 

Plantastic is the new exhibition at Discovery Place and will be there until 15th June 2014 when it will change again. After reading up about Plantastic before we visited I was very excited to learn that the Plantastic exhibition was actually on show in one of my favourite museums in my hometown, Liverpool only a few years ago! It has also been on display in the Netherlands, Belgium, France, and now Kuwait. The exhibition is divided into five different themes – Moving, Feeding, Reproduction, Surviving and Providing. It reveals the world and science of plants from trees and shrubs to fruit and vegetables and flowers and herbs. There are 40 different mechanical, interactive and multimedia type exhibits and games to explore.

The 40 different exhibits and games include blowing on a huge dandelion and watch the seeds fly away, an insects eye view of plants, a character to feed edible and inedible plants and seeds, a supermarket shop, fossil prehistoric plants to view, a pinball machine to collect wild fruits, a musical instrument tree and many more fun games, quizzes and exhibits. 

O loved the fact that the exhibition had changed but was asking where the ‘big giraffe’ was (yes, we visit here A LOT!!) but was excited to explore all the new games and push and pull some new buttons! His favourites were the big flowers that you could smell the different scents of, the supermarket shop where you can scan the product  barcodes and the big man that you can feed edible and inedible plants, herbs and flowers. 

I can see Plantastic becoming a popular place for school trips especially when the science topic is about plants. There are a range of different exhibits and games to suit different ages, for O’s age (2.5 years) he had plenty to explore, but obviously with a slightly older child you could discuss the topic in more depth and get more from it. O of course also loved visiting the big sandpit, as always!

Click here to read more about Plantastic.

Location: Discovery Place, the Scientific Center, Gulf Road, Salmiya. Click here for a map.

Opening Times: Saturday-Wednesday 9am-9.30pm, Thursday 9am-10pm and Fridays 2pm-10pm

Price: Adult 2KD, Children (3-12 years) 2KD. Children under 3 years of age are free.

*Discovery Place offers an afternoon delight ticket Sunday-Wednesdays from 2pm-5pm for 1KD each per adult and child.

*You can also buy combo tickets where you can add an extra attraction (Aquarium, IMAX) to your ticket for a reduced price.

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Mishref Walking Track and Playground

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1496314_10152129587406683_2120605440_oEarlier in the holidays we took a trip to Mishref Playground and Walking Track, also known as Oasis/Wataniya Park. I often pass this park going to Bright Minds and have been meaning to pass by for the past couple of months and after a few friends recommending it we decided to go last week just after Christmas. It was really easy to find if you follow the map and there are a lot of parking spaces available.

The park had a nice choice of play equipment – a couple of swings, a few ride on style apparatus and a decent sized climbing structure that had a few slides on. Not the cleanest park we have been to – the merry-go-round style apparatus had actually been turned into some sort of rubbish bin and was unusable due to that much rubbish being stuck inside it! Also in there were a few parts missing on the climbing structure so we really needed to keep our eyes on O when he was on it. It was nice for O – he enjoyed being able to run around and have a few turns on the slide but I wouldn’t say this was one of my favourite playgrounds that we have visited.

On the plus side, Mishref Park does have a really good sized walking track that is well maintained and I know a lot of people go there to exercise and train and my husband is actually thinking of going there to do some jogging. Also at the park there are a few gym style exercise equipment that were in good working condition, tennis courts and a small football pitch.

Overall I would come back again to exercise or take the kids for a walk but wouldn’t be rushing to get back to the park unless it got a bit of a clean up!

Location: Mishref Park and Walking Track (Oasis/Wataniya). Click here for a map.


Kaifan Park (Al Andalus Park)

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1531612_10152127302081683_1780609923_oAnother park from Kuwait Moms Guide’s list that we checked off yesterday; Kaifan Park (Al Andalus Park) which is located in the Kaifan Area. This park was a really nice surprise for us as it is actually not too far from where we live but also in an area that we have never been through before. I can see it becoming a regular Friday Morning thing for us – hubby liked the fact that it had a running/walking path with measurements on so he can do some running and I really liked the playground area for O.

The park is a decent size with lots of grassy areas – it is just a shame that the grass is quite dry and patchy but it would be fine for the kids to have a run around on. There is also a large well-maintained football pitch and a pathway/track that goes around the whole park that has measurements on so ideal if you want to do some running or walking. There are also a couple of water fountains that were a nice surprise although slightly dated and needed a bit of a clean!

The playground area itself is really nice – fairly new, colourful and relatively clean. There are a few swings, a merry-go-round, a few rocking ride-ons and a big play structure with slides, a rope bridge and some monkey bars. There are a few other bits of playground equipment dotted around the park but they are much older and not very safe! I would avoid those if possible! I did have a very upset 2 year old that wanted to go a ridiculously big slide that had half the sides missing from it!

Nice playground area in the park and good for people who want to do some exercise on the measured out pathway. Also big green areas for kids to run around or to bring a picnic to. We would go again with it being only a short drive from our apartment.

Location:  Kaifan Park (Al Andalus Park), Kaifan Block 7. Click here for a map.

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