UK Summer : Week Three

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Before we travel to the UK we tend to make a very organised (yet geeky!) timetable/calendar of where we are and when. It makes it easier to make sure that equal time is spent visiting both sets of parents. Plus it makes us feel like we have some sort of ‘routine’ still…albeit a very crazy routine! For our calendar for this summer we researched places to go and things to see in both Liverpool and Manchester to avoid the ‘there’s nothing to do’ days. And so far, although we haven’t stuck to what we had planned for each day, we are doing all the things we have researched, just in a different order! Plus we have been VERY lucky with the weather so far so a lot of our rainy day plans haven’t really needed to be used as we have been spending so much time outdoors which not only Oscar and Millie love, I do too!

Our third week back in the UK was spent back in Liverpool (yay!).

Day 1:

We headed back to Liverpool from the Peak District quite early morning so we could enjoy a full sunny day in Liverpool. Later in the day we headed to the beach and enjoyed playing (and eating in Millie’s case!) in the sand. Oscar made sure we had a paddle in the ridiculously cold sea and we all enjoyed a nice cream sat on the beach. Millie enjoyed Oscar’s ice cream a little too much!


Day 2:

Our second day started really early for me and Oscar as we headed off to a carboot sale with my dad. I used to go to them a lot with my dad before I moved to Kuwait and before Oscar and Millie were born. I ended up getting lots of bargains for both me and the kids, as well as a cook book for my husband. Later in the day we took Oscar to Rice Lane Farm whilst Millie had a nap at my mum and dads. Oscar loved seeing the different animals; his favourite being a big rabbit that had been rescued from one of the streets nearby. We explored the grounds of the farm which is located in an old cemetery. Oscar loved running off in the forest whilst I was a bit spooked out! The farm was free entry but there is a donation box to add a donation if you wish. It was quite rundown and not that well looked after. But I remember reading an article a few months ago about the farm not receiving much funding, so that may be the reason why it’s quite rundown. It was a nice cheap afternoon out for the kids, but it wouldn’t be somewhere I would visit regularly.


Day 3:

Day 3 was a visit to the doctors for my husband and I took the kids to a playground near the doctors surgery. Oscar made a couple of little friends and enjoyed having a couple of kids around his age to play with instead of his baby sister all the time! In the afternoon we took a trip to Sefton Park, which surprisingly I had never been to before! It was so big, I hadn’t realised how big it was! It was a really nice afternoon. We had a big long walk (or run for Oscar!) and played on the park.


Day 4:

Today Millie stayed with my mum who took her out for a walk whilst we took Oscar into Liverpool City centre. We had planned on visiting Underwater Street but it was really busy so we settled for the Museum of Liverpool near the river. Oscar had just as much fun and loved the children’s area, which had a fishing game, a river Mersey water play area and lots more! We then took Oscar to Red Hot World Buffet for lunch which he found so fascinating and loved going round the buffet choosing his favourite goods to eat! We also did a bit of shopping Liverpool One and Oscar chose a bag in the Disney Shop to take to school with him in September.


Day 5:

On day 5 me and my mum took Oscar and Millie over to Waterloo whilst Ben headed to Manchester for the night. We took the kids to a local park and Oscar loved playing football with my mum and we got some lunch from Greggs to eat in the sun. In the evening my nan and her husband came up for dinner and they enjoyed seeing Oscar explore and play in the garden, on the trampoline and on his bike.


Day 6:

Day 6 was another trip to Waterloo so my mum could show the kids off to a couple of her friends. We also took Oscar to a nearby park to have a run around and play some more football with my mum!