Where have I been?!

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Some of you may have noticed that my little blog has been REALLY quiet the past couple (probably more like few!) months. It’s been such a crazy few months since Oscar started school and I have been really struggling to keep on top of all the things I love doing and also the necessary day to day jobs like housework.

Not long after Oscar started KG I also started my home business, Kids Craft Kuwait which has been even bigger success than I ever thought and its been so much fun making lots of new products for it and hearing and seeing some great play activities happening from lots of people┬áhere in Kuwait – we even had two orders go international just before Christmas as gifts for family members! We also managed to take part in 3 Christmas/Winter Bazaars which were amazing to see lots of people who have been following our journey on Instagram since the beginning and meet them in person. Its been lots of fun so far but also, obviously its kept me incredibly busy and meant lots of very late nights and early mornings finishing orders. Unfortunately, Expat Family Q8 ended up suffering and I haven’t had the chance or the energy to update much at all. But this past long weekend I have been reading some of my favourite blogs and also found a few new ones and I realised how much I miss writing my blog! Even my Instagram has gone from posting 3 or 4 pictures a day to maybe one or 2 photos a week?! I have decided today that I am back on this!! I enjoy my blog far too much to just let it not exist anymore! I will make time during the day (or night!) to blog about our lives in Kuwait.

So, here I am….back again! ­čÖé