A bit absent!

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Good evening all! I’m sorry there hasn’t been a post of a couple of weeks over here. Things have been a little bit busy! If you follow us on Instagram then you may have noticed that I have recently started a little home business making homemade play dough, slime and other children’s craft and sensory play materials. It’s something I have been thinking about doing for a while now and I have finally pushed myself to do it. Not only is it something I love making and feel very passionate about, I also really think there is a market for it in Kuwait. So, if you would like, please follow Kids Craft Kuwait on Instagram to see our latest makes and we also have a website!


We also have all battled a cold over the past couple of weeks, thankfully all well now apart from a cough that Millie has that seems to be lingering. I also recently started doing some tuition of an evening. It’s really nice to be able to plan activities and be a ‘teacher’ again but also still have the days at home with Oscar and Millie.

And not forgetting, we had my parents visiting us last week. We had such a great week and Oscar and Millie loved all the extra attention and having fun with Nanny and Pops. I also loved having my mum here to help me out with some household chores too! We had some great days out;

Johnny Rockets 

Anytime mine or my husband’s  parents come to Kuwait and visit, we have a tradition of going for breakfast somewhere on Marina Cresent the morning after they have arrived. This time we visited Johnny Rockets and enjoyed a delicious but HUGE breakfast! We then headed into Marina Mall for a bit before relaxing at home for the rest of the day.

j1 j4 j6










The Hilton

You may have read on a previous post that we decided to get a Hilton membership this year. We had a Holiday Inn membership before the kids were born but decided this year to go all out and get a membership for somewhere ‘nice’. We decided on the Hilton due to the fact all the different children’s activities that are available and the huge (and beautiful!) beach. Its further away for us than the other hotels that provide beach club memberships but its the one we really liked. Our idea is to spend our weekends at the Hilton and maybe the odd afternoon after school. As the weather has been really hot lately, when we have visited the Hilton so far we have only stayed for a couple of hours in the mornings, when the temperature is at its coolest. But when my parents visited they got a couple of visitor passes for the day so we could spend the day at the pool and beach. It was a great day. The kids loved having Nanny and Pops in the pool with them and me and my husband loved having some time to relax in the pool or on the sun loungers for a bit without having to run around after the kids. We ended up staying there all day until about 4pm, it was really hot by the afternoon but we also wanted my mum and dad to get their money’s worth out of their day passes.

ab1 ab2











Kidzania opened about 18 months ago but we’ve only actually been there twice. Mainly because Oscar has been too young until recently, and its a bit more expensive than other activities we can do. But after visiting this time during my parents visit, I feel like it was completely worth the money! When we visited Kidzania in May for Oscar’s 3rd birthday and although it was a great day, there was only a few activities or ‘jobs’ that Oscar was able to take part in as he was under 4. However when we visited last week they have now opened a lot more ‘jobs’ to children under 4, such as Pizza Express, Asnan Tower Dentist, the Sultan Center (as a shopper), Aquafina and lots more! I was really pleased that Oscar would be able to do loads more whilst we were there. He obviously needed a little bit more help with some activities than some of the older children but the staff were amazing – so caring and friendly. And lots of them took a shine to Oscar! I have to say my eyes filled up quite a few times watching Oscar be so independent but also seeing how happy and excited he was. Millie loved visiting Urbano’s House where they have a kitchen with play food, a living room with puppets and soft toys, a water bed and a bath with lots of balls in! If you haven’t visited Kidzania already, definitely give it a go! Its so impressive and the kids have a great time! Make your trip early in the morning though as by late afternoon the place is crazy busy and the queues for the different ‘jobs’ can take a while. It was definitely my favourite day of our Eid holidays, and i’m sure we will go again, maybe over the Christmas holidays.

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Funcity at The Gate Mall

The Gate Mall has been on my ‘to visit’ list since it opened but with it being in Egaila, and not that close to our apartment we have only just got round to visiting it this week. The mall itself is quiet impressive – it looks lovely and is really light and clean. The parking situation (which you may have read on a few other blogs) is a nightmare! Its like they built this massive 5-floor mall and forgot about the parking! The parking as far as I am aware is just some outdoor empty space that is shared with about 6 other ‘malls’ or shopping centres nearby! It wasn’t really much of a problem when we first got there (other than thinking how hot the car is going to be when we leave!) but by the time we were leaving mid-afternoon it was crazy! There were cars parked here, there and everywhere and of course blocking a load of cars in!

We looked around a few of the shops, but not many of them were shops I would normally shop in and a lot of them I hadn’t heard of! I was excited about the Holland & Barratt that I spotted near the food court, but it was a huge disappointment. I was hoping for lots of health style foods like what is sold in the UK but actually all it was was a few protein style shakes and tablets/vitamins (I think?!). And the shop itself was so depressing!! About 3 of each product on the shelf, lots of empty shelves elsewhere and no signs, posters or advertisements!

Near the food court in The Gate Mall they have children’s play place called Funcity. There are lots of arcade style games (similar to Future Kid or Magic Planet) and then right at the back there is a soft play area. I will be doing a separate post about the play area itself shortly.

The Gate Mall is not somewhere I would make the trip to visit again for the shops but I would probably go back to Funcity for a different soft play place to visit occasionally. Maybe if I lived nearer to it I would visit more often, but for now i’ll stick to the Avenues or Marina Mall I think!

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The Aquarium at The Scientific Center

As Thursday rolled around we visited an old favourite – the aquarium! Oscar wanted to go and see some animals and as its still a little too warm for the zoo, we decided to go to the Aquarium instead. Of course Oscar had a great time seeing all the animals and we took a little trip to the gift shop and bought him an Ant Farm (much to my disgust – eek!) and we had to get Millie a little something so Oscar chose a small monkey teddy for her. We also headed to one of our favourite parks; Rawda Park but after feeling the slides it was just still too hot for a park at the moment. Maybe in a couple of weeks! Instead, we kicked a ball around on the grass and got an ice cream from McDonalds.

ab9 ab10










PLAY at Discovery Mall

Again, another favourite of ours! We have posted about Play in more detail before and you can read it here. Play is definitely one of my favourite indoor places for kids in Kuwait and if you go of a morning you can often have the place practically to yourself! The price of 5KD too isn’t too bad considering you can have some lunch at the food court and then pop back in again. We are really excited to here that there are two new Play branches opening soon; one at Boulevard in Salmiya and one at The Promendade in Hawally – so close to where we live!

pl1 pl2 pl3










We had a great week with my parents, but as always it flew by too quickly! Now it will be 10 weeks until we see them at Christmas. I’m sure it will go by quickly though, as all the other weeks seem to be doing so lately!

What did you get up to during the Eid holidays?


The Little Things : Week One

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Over the summer whilst reading my favourite mummy blog; A Little Londoner I noticed each Friday she does a post called ‘The Little Things’, which is a link hosted by Morgana at But why mummy why?, another fantastic mummy blog! The Little Things link up is where a lot of bloggers write a feature post of the little things that have made up their week. They write about what they have watched, wore, read, made etc and I just love it! This is my first week joining in and I will usually be posting our post on ‘The Little Things’ of our week each Friday, so keep an eye out for the weekly post! Also, don’t forget to check out the other fantastic bloggers who link up each Friday! 🙂


This week I have been trying to catch up with all my favourite blogs after struggling to keep up over the summer. 

I loved 3Princesses1Dude post on her daughter Elsie’s Autumn/Winter wardrobe. Elsie is just a bit younger than Millie and Becky is HUGE Next fan like myself so I just loved seeing all the pretty clothes she has laid out for Elsie when the weather gets a bit colder in the UK. It’s made me want to go shopping though!

I also really enjoyed reading Jen from Mama Papa Bubba’s post on Gracen’s 4th Birthday at Play. We were lucky enough to celebrate with Gracen so it was lovely reading all about Miss G’s birthday and of course seeing some photos from the day itself!

Over the summer I also picked up a few books for Oscar and Millie. We had to leave a few behind in the UK still as we bought SO much stuff but this week we have been reading lots of new, but old favourites before bed.


It was a big week for us this week as we ‘watched’ Oscar start school! He has started KG at the same school his daddy teaches at. I have been an emotional wreck the few days before it but doing much better this week after seeing how much he is enjoying himself.



























As for TV, we have looking for a new series to watch whilst we wait for the new series of Homeland and The Walking Dead to start next month. This week we jumped onto the True Blood bandwagon. We have just started the second series this weekend, and although it doesn’t grip me like Homeland does, its nice easy watching after the kids have gone to bed. I also caught up with the first weekend of the new X Factor series, which I am loving so far, but I am missing Gary Barlow being on the judging panel!












This week we joined the Hilton so we can use the swimming pool and relax of a weekend. Although its still really hot in Kuwait at the moment we spent our first weekend there last weekend so we wore our swim suits! 

Millie’s pink and white flamingo swimming costume is from Debenhams and was a bargain at 1.500KD (about £3!) and her white summer hat (that she won’t wear of course!) is from Boots.



























Oscar’s bright orange swimming shorts (making him look like a lifeguard!) are from Next.




























I am not usually one for keeping up with new songs that are out in the charts but over the summer there were so many great songs I heard on the radio that I said that I am going to start listening to a UK radio station whilst in Kuwait, if it will work over the internet! A few of my favourites from over the summer were:

John Legend – All of Me

Magic – Rude

George Ezra – Budapest

Sam Smith – Stay with Me


This week has been a bit manic with starting school and running out to buy last minute bits. We had a PF Changs on the eve of Oscar’s first day of school and we treated him to a McDonalds on the evening of his first day of school. Meals this week have been simple whilst trying to adjust to a new routine. We did have a Lebanese takeaway on Thursday night and my husband made pizzas on Friday night for us and a couple of our friends.

I got my bake on making Chocolate Chip Oat Cookies for Oscar to take to school….I may of eaten quite a few too many myself. The easy and delicious recipe was from Momables – one of my favourite kids food and lunchbox recipe sites!


And lastly…

With Oscar’s first full week of school underway I am looking forward to getting us all in a routine (finally!) after a long summer of late nights and busy days. We will be getting crafty again, making lots of things in the kitchen and trying to eat well. I am excited to have quality time in the mornings with Millie and the same with Oscar in the afternoons when Millie naps. The blog is back up and running after a bit of break over the summer. 



Oscar’s First Day of School

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Today has been a BIG day in our house. Today was Oscar’s first day of school. He has started KG (Kindergarten) at the school his daddy works at.

Up until yesterday I had been feeling completely fine about Oscar starting school. I know he is ready for it and wants other children his own age to play with. I also know that he is going to love all the different things he will be doing throughout each day and week. But yesterday after putting him down for his afternoon nap I suddenly felt SO sad. Like, ridiculously sobbing my heart out sad. I looked at a few of Millie’s things like her chair and activity play bouncer in the living room and all I could picture was Oscar being in them when he was her age. It dawned on me how quickly that time has just zoomed past and from now on he was going to need and want me less and less. That makes me sad.

I pulled myself together in the end and snapped out of it. Oscar being at school (only until just after noon!) means I get quality time with Millie in the mornings and it means lots of fun in the afternoon with Oscar when Millie naps. Now both of them get a less stressed and less busy version of me for a bit of each day! Good quality time. Thats a good thing, a positive thing.

Oscar was fantastic today on his first day. No tears, no sadness. He actually wasn’t fazed by leaving me! Whether thats a good thing or a bad thing I don’t know but I sure felt a lot better today knowing he wasn’t upset or sad when I left him. I could’t relax once me and Millie got home and kept clock watching waiting to pick him and see how his day had been and what he had been up to. Apparently Oscar said he played with toys and made some friends. That’s all I got out of him after much pushing and questioning! But he was happy, he enjoyed himself and is excited to go again tomorrow. That’s all I can wish for.


The rest of our UK Summer

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We arrived back in Kuwait 5 days ago after a fantastic summer. My plan was to update the blog weekly with what we had been up to that week but with limited internet and being out and about every day I just didn’t get chance. But now we are back I plan to get back to my regular blogging, I sure have missed it!

After our week away in Wales we had lots of fun filled days out in both Manchester and Liverpool before we headed back to Kuwait.

We spent a rainy day visiting Museum of Science and Industry (MOSI) and looked at lots of old types of transport, which Oscar loved but also wanted to sit inside them! We also took our pictures (me with Millie and my husband with Oscar) and they show up on a big screen for the day.


We visited the amazing Maize Maze in Altrincham. The day was scorching hot and sunny – perfect for finding our way around the maze! It was such a good day and we spent hours there! There was the maze (obviously!), sandpits, tractor rides, wooden building blocks and numerous play areas/playgrounds. It cost us just over £20 for 3 adults and 2 children. Such good value for money considering the amount of activities that are included in the price. The cafe on site was busy but the food was delicious! Our Maize Maze day out was by far my favourite day out of our entire holiday! Well worth a visit!


We also took a trip to Heaton Park which is fairly close my in-laws house. We read that there was going to be a fair and ‘beach’ at the park for the summer holidays and we got lucky with the weather again when we visited – so sunny and warm! The beach was fantastic – a pop-up beach in the middle of a huge green park! It was free and had plenty of deck chairs for parents to sit on as well as a big sand pit for the kids in play in. The fair was quite small but a decent size for a pop-up fair in a park but it was incredibly overpriced. It was one of those fairs where you purchase tokens to go on the rides. Each token cost £1 and some rides cost up to 4 tokens each! Oscar went on a couple of rides but thankfully was happy enough playing in the sand.


 We enjoyed many sunny days in the gardens of both our parents houses; playing in the paddling pool, jumping on the trampoline and having fun on the slide and swing!


We met up with an old friend from Kuwait who now lives in Indonesia. Oscar thought our friend, Karen was so much fun and she kept him entertained for hours!


We met up with one of my friend’s that I went to high school, college and university with and her gorgeous brand new baby boy, Finley.


We visited the super busy but still lots of fun, Eureka in Halifax. Oscar loved playing in the bank, post office, house and of course the Marks and Spencer. Millie loved playing in the baby sensory play area with another little baby. Eureka is a bit like Kidzania in Kuwait however a bit more science-y and museum like in some bits.


We spent lots of time with Oscar’s cousin Issac and his Uncle Joe’s girlfriend’s son, Declan. Oscar loved having a couple of little boys to play with and run and be a typical boy with!


We took a trip to Chill Factore in Manchester. It is an indoor ski/snow place where they have ski slopes and a snow park for young children. Its very much like Ski Dubai. We stayed in the Snow Park area with the kids which we had all to ourselves! Yay! The kids absolutely loved it! Neither of them had ever experienced snow before with living in the Middle East. Oscar was running around throwing snow balls and playing in the wendy house. Millie loved feeling the snow and of course had to crawl around in it a little too!

sum9 sum10

Another of my favourite days of our summer holiday was our trip to the Trafford Centre to watch the In the Night Garden show! I had booked the tickets months earlier when they first came on sale and I was hoping Oscar would still like the characters and the show itself (you know how children have a different favourite each week!) but thankfully he did! The show itself was really well organised, the Showdome was clean and there were plenty of staff around to help and we managed to grab 2nd row seats so had a fantastic view for the show! We had pre booked a goody bag for Oscar too which was £24 (I think!) and it was really good value for money and had lots of exciting toys, dvds and books inside it. It was magical watching Oscar and Millie’s faces whilst watching the show – they adored it and were so happy! I would definitely go and watch another show next year!


As Millie turns 1 in a couple of weeks and we will be in Kuwait for it, my husbands parents had a little party for her birthday with a few close relatives. We got to sing Happy Birthday to her and she had her first taste of both birthday cake and chocolate cake! And of course, she loved it!


To end the post, a picture of my two sleepy babies at Dubai airport waiting for our flight to Kuwait. They were both amazing on the flights – Millie practically slept the entire time and Oscar had a couple of hours sleep but was content just watching the TV.


Heres to another year in Kuwait….

UK Summer : Week Three

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Before we travel to the UK we tend to make a very organised (yet geeky!) timetable/calendar of where we are and when. It makes it easier to make sure that equal time is spent visiting both sets of parents. Plus it makes us feel like we have some sort of ‘routine’ still…albeit a very crazy routine! For our calendar for this summer we researched places to go and things to see in both Liverpool and Manchester to avoid the ‘there’s nothing to do’ days. And so far, although we haven’t stuck to what we had planned for each day, we are doing all the things we have researched, just in a different order! Plus we have been VERY lucky with the weather so far so a lot of our rainy day plans haven’t really needed to be used as we have been spending so much time outdoors which not only Oscar and Millie love, I do too!

Our third week back in the UK was spent back in Liverpool (yay!).

Day 1:

We headed back to Liverpool from the Peak District quite early morning so we could enjoy a full sunny day in Liverpool. Later in the day we headed to the beach and enjoyed playing (and eating in Millie’s case!) in the sand. Oscar made sure we had a paddle in the ridiculously cold sea and we all enjoyed a nice cream sat on the beach. Millie enjoyed Oscar’s ice cream a little too much!


Day 2:

Our second day started really early for me and Oscar as we headed off to a carboot sale with my dad. I used to go to them a lot with my dad before I moved to Kuwait and before Oscar and Millie were born. I ended up getting lots of bargains for both me and the kids, as well as a cook book for my husband. Later in the day we took Oscar to Rice Lane Farm whilst Millie had a nap at my mum and dads. Oscar loved seeing the different animals; his favourite being a big rabbit that had been rescued from one of the streets nearby. We explored the grounds of the farm which is located in an old cemetery. Oscar loved running off in the forest whilst I was a bit spooked out! The farm was free entry but there is a donation box to add a donation if you wish. It was quite rundown and not that well looked after. But I remember reading an article a few months ago about the farm not receiving much funding, so that may be the reason why it’s quite rundown. It was a nice cheap afternoon out for the kids, but it wouldn’t be somewhere I would visit regularly.


Day 3:

Day 3 was a visit to the doctors for my husband and I took the kids to a playground near the doctors surgery. Oscar made a couple of little friends and enjoyed having a couple of kids around his age to play with instead of his baby sister all the time! In the afternoon we took a trip to Sefton Park, which surprisingly I had never been to before! It was so big, I hadn’t realised how big it was! It was a really nice afternoon. We had a big long walk (or run for Oscar!) and played on the park.


Day 4:

Today Millie stayed with my mum who took her out for a walk whilst we took Oscar into Liverpool City centre. We had planned on visiting Underwater Street but it was really busy so we settled for the Museum of Liverpool near the river. Oscar had just as much fun and loved the children’s area, which had a fishing game, a river Mersey water play area and lots more! We then took Oscar to Red Hot World Buffet for lunch which he found so fascinating and loved going round the buffet choosing his favourite goods to eat! We also did a bit of shopping Liverpool One and Oscar chose a bag in the Disney Shop to take to school with him in September.


Day 5:

On day 5 me and my mum took Oscar and Millie over to Waterloo whilst Ben headed to Manchester for the night. We took the kids to a local park and Oscar loved playing football with my mum and we got some lunch from Greggs to eat in the sun. In the evening my nan and her husband came up for dinner and they enjoyed seeing Oscar explore and play in the garden, on the trampoline and on his bike.


Day 6:

Day 6 was another trip to Waterloo so my mum could show the kids off to a couple of her friends. We also took Oscar to a nearby park to have a run around and play some more football with my mum!


UK Summer : Week Two

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Our time back in the UK for our summer holidays is just flying by and I am really struggling to find the time to keep the blog updated with lots of days out, family time and sometimes limited internet! I have finally found some time on a rainy morning to hopefully write all about our second week back in the UK.

Our second week was spent in the Peak District with my husbands parents. We stayed in a lovely little cottage in a village called Tideswell, which is near to Buxton.

Day 1:
Our first day in Tideswell was actually spent in the lovely village that our cottage was in as there was a carnival happening on the day we arrived. And Oscar got to ride a donkey, and he wasn’t scared! We also visited a funfair that had been set up on a field in the village.


Day 2:
For the first couple of days of our holiday, Oscar’s older cousin, Isaac and his parents, Lynn and Phil stayed at the cottage with us, and Oscar loved having someone to play with. We decided to visit a local children’s farm place that allowed us to feed the farm animals and there was also lots of playground equipment for Oscar and Isaac to play on along with a scarecrow to dress and big open fields to play football.


Day 3:

Our third day was spent visiting Matlock Bath but the first half an hour was spent trying to find Oscar some new trousers after he had vomited during the car ride and I had only packed shorts in the nappy bag for him but it really wasn’t shorts weather! After finding some trousers in a local charity shop and cleaning Oscar up we had a look around Matlock Bath and bought Oscar an ice cream (that he kept asking and asking for!). We then took a trip to Bakewell, which was just gorgeous! A lovely little village that I would definitely return to.


Day 4:

Day 4 we visited a little village called Ilam, it was a favourite of my husbands as he had visited when he was younger on a school trip and he was showing us all the places he remembered as well as telling us a few funny stories. Our trip ended with yet another ice cream stop! We then finished our day off by visiting Buxton.


Day 5:

Day five was a trip to Chesterfield. But I have to say I wasn’t a massive fan of the place however we did manage to do a bit of shopping in the local shops. We also had a look at the stalls of the weekly flea markets that happens in the town centre. In the evening we took a little tour of Tideswell and had a delicious ‘British’ pie in the village pub for dinner.


Day 6:

Our final day if our holiday was spent visiting Chatsworth House. We had actually planned on buying tickets to see inside the house, however we thought the prices were rather ridiciuslous! We ended up just buying tickets for the farm area of Chatsworth House and there was more than enough to entertain Oscar and Millie for the whole day. There was a massive woodland playground, lots of farm animals to see and feed and lots of talks about different animals. Oscars favourite bit was the guinea pig area where they could sit e guinea pigs on their lap and stroke them. Even Millie had her own guinea pig to stroke!


We had a great week away with the grandparents and I certainly enjoyed having a couple of extra pair of hands around to help with the kids and I even got to enjoy having a few showers without having to rush to a crying baby or a restless toddler! Our next week was spent in Liverpool, my lovely hometown, which I will write about when I have chance! 🙂 I hope everyone is having a good summer so far!

UK Summer: Week One

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Just over a week ago we started our journey back to the UK for the summer holidays. We booked our flights a while back with so have been on countdown for a while now. More so, as Millie has never been to the UK and me and Oscar haven’t been back for 2 years!

We booked our flights with Emirates (my favourite airline due to their 30kg baggage allowance) and we will be back in the UK for 2 months. Our plan is to spend a week in Wales as a family and the rest of the time will be split (equally!) between my hometown, Liverpool and my husbands hometown, Manchester.

Our travelling, after all the worrying and stressing went quite well! We had two flights (Kuwait to Dubai then Dubai to Manchester) and both flights were although long and tiring, we’re not stressful at all! I was worried about having to carry Millie through Dubai airport for 2 hours until we got the next plane but the fantastic Emirates have free prams to use so got a couple to get through the massive airport! Both our flights with Emirates were fantastic; definitely rated as one of my favourite airlines, if not my favourite! After flying with Sri Lankan Airlines in April to Sri Lanka it was nice to have comfortable seats with LOADS of leg room (we had the seats where the bassinets are) and staff who were super friendly this time. The Emirates aircrew really fussed over Oscar and Millie and brought them baby packs (bib, wipes, rattle, spoon etc) and toys and activity packs for Oscar. They are definitely a child-friendly airline. The kids meals for Oscar were great too – not only did he get a delicious Spaghetti Bolognese meal with dessert and a bread roll, he also got a snack pack with crisps, biscuits and yoghurt covered raisins in. Unlike Sri Lankan airline, Emirates provided us with a safe and comfortable bassinet for Millie to sleep in (the bassinet that Sri Lankan airline gave us fell off the wall and the aircrew didn’t fix it or apologise!).

We landed in Manchester on Sunday evening, both flights on time. My husbands parents and brother picked us up from the airport and we headed to their house for a catch up and some food before putting a very tired Oscar Andy Millie to bed many hours after their usual bedtime!
Day 1:
We spent our first day visiting my husbands family. We took Oscar and Millie to visit my husbands nan in her care home. It was a beautiful sunny and warm day so we spent a couple of hours in the garden of the home and Oscar and Millie enjoyed playing on the grass and seeing their Great Nana and Auntie Hazel. We later spent the evening at my husbands Aunties house and Oscar loved playing with his older cousin, Isaac who has made Oscar take an interest (a rather big interest!) in football and Millie enjoyed lots of cuddles with her great auntie Lynn.


Day 2:
Our second day we picked up our car from the car hire, Alamo for the summer and headed up to Liverpool to spend a few days with my parents. We spent a couple of hours playing with the millions of toys my mum and dad had got them both then we headed out to Waterloo for a walk and a bit of shopping. We, of course fed the ducks on the way there too! We then settled back at home to watch the ridiculous England game!


Day 3:

Today we visited my Nan and her husband, John so they could see how much Oscar had. Grown (it had been two years since they last saw him in person) and of course, meet our Millie Moo! It was lovely seeing them and Oscar was on form singing all the songs he knows to them! After our visiting we headed to one of my favourite places, Southport with my parents. We spent the whole day there and didn’t get back until after the. Kids bedtime! We did some shopping, had a ‘pub’ lunch, visited the arcades and played in a big brand new park.


Day 4:

Day four was spent having a check up at the dentists for me, as I had a filling fall out a couple of months ago that has been giving me a lot of grief! Turns out it has decayed quite badly and I need to go back in a few weeks to get it out unfortunately! After the dentists we took Oscar to the park and beach in Crosby whilst my mum enjoyed some time with Millie. Oscar loved having some alone with us and it turns out he is a right daredevil when it comes to exploring the adventure playground and the beach. He also loved seeing the statues of Anthony Gormley’s Another Place at the beach.


Day 5:

Today me and the kids went into Liverpool City Centre with my mum to go shopping, my favourite thing! We took Oscar on his first ever train ride which he loved and carried his train tickets with him all day! We also had a McDonalds lunch, as it is Oscar’s favourite!


Our next week was spent in a cottage in the Peak District with my husbands family. I will write all about our second week in the UK in my next blog post.

I hope you are all having a good summer! What are your plans? Will you be travelling? Staying put? Visiting family? I would love to hear all about it! 🙂